Lori Weidenhammer: The Bee Messenger

I sat down by Deer Lake with Lori Weidenhammer, artist and beekeeper, to talk about her deep interest in pollinators.  We found a sun dappled location ideal for bees and conversations about them.  My interview with Lori was fascinating and quite extensive.  I’m including a selection of short clips now and hope to make the full interview available soon.

Lori Bee Watching

How did your relationship with bees begin?

Beekeeping on the Farm

How did bees become a part of your art practice?

Bees as Messengers

What kinds of native bees are important to the west coast ecosystem?

Native Bees

What is Colony Collapse Disorder?

Colony Collapse Disorder

Do you have any advice for people interested in taking up beekeeping?

Advice for Beekeepers

Why do bees swarm?

Swarming Bees

Why take up pots and pans when your bees swarm?

Claiming a Swarm


More to come…keep listening in.








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