Edible Events

Edible Events

Explore global and local food issues through the sensation of taste.  Each event is themed around savoury, sweet and sour.

Edible Events; By Donation (recommended donation $15)


Thurs July 19th, 6 – 9pm

Focused on the taste of savoury or umami, wild forager Alexander McNaughton will prepare a selection of locally sourced delicacies.  The evening will traverse the depth and breadth of flavours inherent in real food, and will include a short wild plant walk where Alexander will identify the various savoury wild foods available in the local ecosystem. Come hungry!

First course: Wild mushrooms versus cultivated varieties on toast, with parma shavings and cherry wood smoked salt. The first course includes a paired taste test of wild and commercially produced mushrooms, and we will discuss the techniques involved in the identification and harvesting of wild mushrooms.

Second Course: Local field cherry tomatoes with purple and green shiso chiffonade, white apricot balsamic and high polyphenol olive oil drizzle.  Think sweet field flavours combined with sharp edged bitters, the acid and bitter softened by the sweet fruit flavors in the vinegar and the olive oil.

Third Course: Pastich Paté (Hemp, grain and seed) with fresh bread and watercress tips. Think rich creamy savoury flavour with bright, spicy greens, seedy crackers offered and/or crust baguette.


Thurs Aug 9th, 6-9pm

Join Alexander McNaughton, wild forager and underground chef to explore the sweet side of the palate.  Alexander will bring together a range of hyper local honeys to be tasted and compared.  Wash it all down with a splash of “mead”, a locally produced honey wine then join artist and writer Randy Lee Cutler for a walk through the garden inspired by her creative exploration into bees.


Sat. Sept 15th 4 -7pm

Working with the seasonal harvest chef Andrea Potter will introduce the taste and feel of sourness through a sampling of culturally diverse pickled foods. Andrea will share her passion for preserving food traditions through a hands-on, collective sauerkraut and Kim chi. Bring your own food traditions and recipes to share or consider making some new one’s using local produce.

Please, bring a 250 ml wide mouth mason jar so you can take some with you.

Spaces are limited so please reserve your spot by calling 604-297-4415 or email