Summer Workshops

Special workshops will be held throughout the summer related to growing, preparing, and consuming sustainable food.

  • Planting for Pollinators

    Sat. July 14th, 2-4pm, $20

    Explore the garden from the perspective of a pollinator with artist and beekeeper, Lori Weidenhammer. Learn to invite pollinators into your neighbourhood by creating pollinator friendly habitat for bees, butterflies and beetles. Tour through the garden to see what pollinators are at work and take a selection of seeds home to start your own garden.

    Urban Bee Keeping

    (What's the Buzz with Bees?)
    Sat. July 28th, 11-1pm, $20

    Explore the fascinating world of bees with Bee Master Brian Campbell. From humble Bumbles and Honey bees to some of the lesser known species that inhabit our gardens and urban spaces. Learn what we can do to help these gentle and vital creatures flourish and what we can do to get out of their way. If weather permits we'll go on a bee safari to see our native bees hard at work in the garden.

    Making Mason Bee Homes

    Sat. July 28th, 2-4pm, $20

    Join Christine Cooper, a student of Landscape architecture with a background in conservation ecology for a lively discussion about mason bee habitat. Mason bees are small blue coloured bees that are important garden pollinators. They have specific needs for nesting and Christine will be able to guide you in the proper methods of building a mason bee home. Consider making a day of it and enjoying both bee workshops!

    Simple Cheese and Yogurt making

    Sun. Aug 19th, 1-4pm, $30

    Join organic farmer and cheese maker, David Asher Rotsztain to learn the basics of making yogurt and soft-bodied cheese curds. He focuses on natural, fresh cheese making that is hands-on, non-GMO and without unnecessary additives. You’ll be surprised what you can make with a gallon of good milk and a bit of dedication.

    Fermented Beverages

    Sat. Aug 25th, 2-4pm, $55

    Join chef Andrea Potter to learn about traditional fermented beverages used for centuries to aid digestion and as a health tonic. In this workshop, you’ll make old fashioned, wild-fermented sodas, using herbs and local fruits and Kombucha, a popular tea beverage with herbal variations from the garden. This workshop includes nutrition information, recipes, tasting and hands-on. You also get to take *kombucha starter to make it at home! *Please bring 1 small jar to take home your kombucha starter. Spaces are limited so please reserve your spot by calling 604-297-4422 or  via email.

    Food Swap and Pickling Demo

    Thurs. Sept 13th, 7:00-9:00pm

    Join Roberta LaQuaglia, from the Vancouvers Farmers Market and Holly Schmidt for an evening of food swapping. Come prepared with food you’ve made or grown to trade with others. Swapping will take place in the fireside room inside the Burnaby Art Gallery. For the uninitiated a pickling demonstration will also be offered by Andrea Potter. Sign up via Eventbrite on the Burnaby Food Swap Facebook page or by contacting the gallery at 604-297-4422.

  • Monoprints in the Garden

    Sat. July 7th, 2-3pm
    For ages 4-5

    Join Holly to create your own monoprint using leaves collected from the grounds at Ceperley House. Arrange the leaves to make unique shapes, patterns and textures then roll with ink to make a one of a kind impression.

    Making Seed Paper

    Sat Aug 11th, 11am -1pm
    For ages 6-8 yrs

    Learn how to make paper using recycled materials. Blend your own special paper pulp with seeds hidden inside. Shape your sheets of paper to make bookmarks or cards that can be shared and planted.

    Mason Jar Terrariums

    Sat Aug 18th, 11am – 1pm
    For ages 9-13 yrs

    Make a world of your own. Using a glass jar you will create a small ecosystem using rocks, soil and seedlings. Make your own creative additions inside and out to provide a unique environment for your plants. Youth workshops are free! Spaces are limited so please reserve your spot by calling 604-297-4415 or via email