Making Space

With help from Shirley (one of the gardeners at the Village Museum) and Nigel Laing the shipping crates were set up and filled with soil.

filling crates with soil

The crates were made by a local crate building company using untreated plywood and 2×4’s.  It’s interesting to note that when goods (including art works) are shipped usually the crates are just broken down and either thrown away or recycled.  There are businesses that wouldn’t mind giving them a second life in a garden. The only caution is that they will eventually break down.


I had a range of sizes built mostly for aesthetic reasons. I was thinking about the arrangement of the space and how different sizes of crates would help to invite people into the space and also close it off in places to make it more intimate for workshops, events etc…The crates have fill in the bottoms to help with drainage and to reduce the amount of soil needed.

BAG Crate

The Burnaby Art Gallery offered a couple of crates left over from a traveling exhibition.  We removed the poly lining and drilled holes into the bottom to turn them into useable containers for growing.



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