What’s growing in the garden?

I purchased all of my seeds at Van Dusen Garden’s Seedy Saturday event.  It’s an annual seed exchange so you can come and trade seeds you’ve collected from you garden or you can purchase from local suppliers.  Vendors focus mostly on heirloom varieties.  I spent over two hours reading seed packets and talking to producers.

Seed Packets

Here’s a list of what I chose for planting at BAG and a little info. about the supplier:

Planting Seeds Project

“Putting the Culture Back into Agriculture since 1991.” The seeds are open pollinated and grown by a network of organic farmers, working together for our future.

Roy’s Red Hakkaido Squash

Kabocha Japanese Squash

Giant Sunflowers

Beets (Chiogga, Early Wonder Walltop, Bull’s Blodd, and Cylindra)


Environmental Youth Alliance

Since 2000, EYA has been working with volunteers and interns to plant heirloom vegetables, flowers and herbs and save their seeds for re-distribution in the community. With growing insecurities in our global food system, the continual amalgamation of seed companies, and the relentless encroachment of genetic modification into commercial seeds, the importance of preserving locally adapted heirloom seeds is at an all-time high.

Mostoller Wild Goose Pole Bean

Dragon Tongue Bush Bean

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans

Cranberry Pole Beans

Painted Red Corn

Full Circle Seeds

You will find among our selection, seeds from many heritage varieties which were chosen by our grandparents for their excellent flavour and pest resistance. Also, you will find unusual varieties from Asia and Europe which are prized by chefs from the best restaurants in our area. Almost all of our seeds are grown on ALM Organic Farm on Vancouver Island and they are certified organic by Islands Organic Producers’ Association and COABC. We have been offerring open-pollinated, untreated seed grown without herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers since 1993.

Barley (Harrington Malting)

Golden Flax

Oriental Greens Mizuna/Kyona

Wheat (Red Fife)

Potatoes (Red Chieftan, Russet Norkotah, Sieglinde, Russian Blue, and Russian Banana)

Brother Nature

Brother Nature’s Organic Seed produces strong, Certified Organic, heirloom and heritage seeds to the home gardener.

Easter Egg Radishes

Red Giant Mustard


Sunny Vee Corn

Twining Vine Garden

Our little patch of Eden located in the small coastal town on Vancouver Island is constantly evolving to include a greater diversity of rare and hard to find species both local natives to those from around the world.  Though we are not certified organic, we’ve followed organic growing practices since our inception in 1995 as the thought of using man-made chemicals never sat well with our stewardship sense.

Atomic Red Carrot

West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds started in 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia, under the stewardship of Mary Ballon. A nursing instructor at the University of British Columbia, Mary’s love of gardening and fervent belief in “Growing Food” locally has helped motivate a generation of organic gardeners on the West Coast and right across Canada. As a regional family seed company, West Coast Seed only sells untreated seeds. We specialize in HEIRLOOM, HERITAGE and CERTIFIED ORGANIC seeds for your organic growing. Over 500 varieties of untreated, non GMO, open pollinated and hybrid seeds for your selection.

Tom Thumb Lettuce


Swiss Chard (Flamingo Pink)

Lemon Cucumbers




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