Lemon Cucumber

Recently, I gave a tour through the garden to a group of ten children (ages 4-13) and their parents. We looked at a variety of the heritage plants that are ready to harvest in the garden. We crunched some Dragon’s Tongue Beans and Atomic Red Carrots. I think the biggest hit was this unusual looking cucumber. Round, yellow and covered in tiny black spines it looks like a cross, between a lemon and a kiwi.

lemon cucumber

The kids clamored around me to get a taste of this oddity. I had them take a piece and let it sit on their tongue for a moment before chewing.  They told me in very surprised voices that it tasted like cucumber! This variety is quite lovely to look at and to eat. I acquired the seeds from West Coast Seeds and will definitely plant them again.

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  1. Pickling these little darling cucumbers today for the Sour tasting event! I’ll keep you posted about how they turn out!

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