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Sweet Event

Sweet Event Table

On a warm summer evening a group of people gathered together to experience the taste of sweetness through a honey tasting prepared by underground chef and wild forager, Alexander McNaughton. While the taste of sweet can be found in many foods, I decided to focus on honey as the main vehicle for this intoxicating sensation, […]

The Savoury Feast

Parma Shavings

The first Edible Event of the project focussed on the taste of savoury. Alexander McNaughton, Wild forager and local food systems consultant, brought together a tasting of savoury delicacies to introduce everyone’s palates to the concept of “umami.” Loosely translated from Japanese the term means “delicious” and refers to a specific taste molecule found in […]

Dirt, Soil or Earth

Earth Worm

  The soil for the containers has been delivered. It’s a beautiful rich, dark earth that will work well for growing vegetables. A family dropped by the garden and I found myself in conversation about the colour of the earth.   Someone mentioned that she grew up in Alberta so she was used to the […]