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Sweet Event

Sweet Event Table

On a warm summer evening a group of people gathered together to experience the taste of sweetness through a honey tasting prepared by underground chef and wild forager, Alexander McNaughton. While the taste of sweet can be found in many foods, I decided to focus on honey as the main vehicle for this intoxicating sensation, […]

Mason Bee Homes

Christine Cooper

Landscape Architect Christine Cooper  joined us in the Moveable Feast garden to make mason bee homes. Mason Bees are a non-aggressive bee that is native to British Columbia. Unlike honey bees they are soli­tary so they don’t live in hives or produce honey. These bees are opportunistic nesters, so they seek out narrow holes drilled into […]

Urban Bees

Brian Campbell

On a sunny Saturday morning in July, I had an opportunity to walk through the garden with beemaster and educator Brian Campbell.  He is the founder of Blessed Bee Farm and The Bee School.  The Farm is focussed on the integration of bees into the urban fabric.  “The philosophy of The Bee School is based […]

Lori Weidenhammer: The Bee Messenger

Lori Bee Watching

I sat down by Deer Lake with Lori Weidenhammer, artist and beekeeper, to talk about her deep interest in pollinators.  We found a sun dappled location ideal for bees and conversations about them.  My interview with Lori was fascinating and quite extensive.  I’m including a selection of short clips now and hope to make the […]